Information for Rabbit Breeders

Rabbit breeders can help prevent the spread of RHDV2 by taking general prevention efforts described on our WHAT CAN YOU DO page.

Below are specific actions that rabbit breeders can take to further reduce the risk of spreading RHDV2:

  • Immediately report sick or dead rabbits to your state agriculture agency. Do not handle the animal unless direct otherwise.
  • Tell your veterinarian or the state veterinarian’s office if your rabbit has suddenly died from unknown causes.
  • Vaccinate your rabbits to minimize your rabbit’s risk of death.
  • If possible, keep rabbits inside. If not possible, create a barrier between your rabbits and wild rabbits.
  • Avoid moving rabbits long distances, especially from areas that are affected by the disease.
  • Have separate footwear for areas with and without your rabbit(s).
  • Wash your hands before and after handling or caring for rabbits.
  • Do not handle other people’s rabbits or allow visitors to handle your rabbits without cleaning their hands and clothing.
  • Do not forage outdoors for bedding (e.g., tree branches, grass, etc.).
  • Obtain hay from unaffected areas.
  • Remove all visible organic debris from items to be disinfected (cages, feeding equipment, waterers, etc.). Items made of wood are best discarded or burned.
  • Clean hard surfaces with a solution of 10% bleach or 10% sodium hydroxide mixed with water.

You can find a printable document containing this information
under the DOCUMENTS provided on our RESOURCES page.

For additional information, please see what specific actions other groups can take: