RHDV2 Confirmed in New York – December 15, 2021

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A case of a fatal rabbit disease has been confirmed in New York State. The New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets confirmed a case of Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus 2, or RHDV2, in a domestic rabbit in Montgomery County on December 15. The investigation is ongoing to determine the source of the virus in this case.

This is the second occurrence of RHDV2 in New York. The first cluster of cases was in New York City in March 2020. The virus was quickly identified, isolated and eradicated.

RHDV2 is a reportable disease in New York. Sick or dead domestic rabbits should be reported to the State Veterinarian’s office at 518-457-3502 or to the USDA at 866-536-7593. Multiple wild rabbits found dead or wild rabbits with blood-stained noses should be reported to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s Wildlife Health Unit at 518-478-2203. Wild rabbits found dead on the road do not need to be reported.

More information is available here.

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